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When A Loved One Passes Away

Hanover, Massachusetts Estate Planning Attorney

When a loved one passes away our Team understands that this can be an emotional and very difficult time for you and your family. You and your family may feel devastated by the loss of your loved one and this stress can be emotionally draining on the entire family. In this time of sadness our Team extends its deepest condolences to you and your family. Please be rest assured to know that we are here for you in this time of need to assist you with the legal matters that may need attending to. Please contact us at 781-871-PLAN (7526) so we can assist you!

Here you will find a brief “To-Do” list, along with a “To Not-Do” list, that you may find helpful to your family’s situation.

To Do-List
(This is a partial list to get you started. Our Team will go over additional items with you at your appointment).

  1. Notify all immediate adult family members of the passing of your loved one. Please note, take extra caution and make special arrangements to notify family members who may be living alone or who may be extra sensitive to the news. You may want to request that they call a friend or close neighbor to give them support during this time.
  2. After immediate family is notified, consider if you should be contacting extended family members, close friends, close neighbors, colleagues and employer.
  3. Depending on the circumstances and situation you may need to contact child care services and pet care services.
  4. Locate your loved ones important documents or contact the family member who may be your loved ones Trustee or Executor of their affairs. Hopefully your loved one had updated estate planning documents in place, i.e. Will and Trust. If so, please review them for instructions they may have left for any special funeral arrangements or services.
  5. Notify your clergy and a local funeral home to discuss funeral services.
  6. Contact our Team immediately at 781-871-PLAN (7526) to schedule an appointment so we can help you with the legal matters that may need attending to. We will review the estate planning documents and make a determination on what action needs to be taken, which may be either probate administration or trust settlement. Please bring with you to your appointment the following documents if available:
    1. Original Estate Planning Documents, Will, Trust etc.
    2. Original Death Certificates
    3. Paid Funeral Bills
    4. Deeds to Real Estate (family home and other properties)
    5. Financial Documentation; such as, life insurance, bank account statements, investment account statements and any other property
    6. Your questions and concerns.

Do not worry if you are unable to locate any of these items. Just do your best and bring what you have with you to your appointment.

To Not-Do List:
(This is a partial list to get you started. Our Team will go over additional items with you at your appointment).

  1. Do not procrastinate! Contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment. There are often time sensitive matters that need to be reviewed and acted upon.
  2. Do not change title to any assets or close out or roll over any financial accounts without first consulting with our office.
  3. Do not spend or lend large sums of money.
  4. Do not make any major business decisions or make large purchases.
  5. Do not leave your loved ones home or property unattended or unmonitored if there are concerns of property loss or damage.
  6. Do not allow the mail to pile up. Make arrangements to collect the mail or contact the local post office to make arrangements to cancel or forward mail if appropriate.
  7. Do not allow the home or property to fall into a state of disrepair or poor maintenance.
  8. Do not allow any unnecessary utilities to continue services if they are not necessary.
  9. Do not get into arguments or disagreements with other family members about property, your loved one or the estate matter.

We look forward to assisting you and your loved ones in any way. Please contact our Team at 781-871-PLAN (7526) to schedule an appointment. Thank you!

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